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Supporting some of the biggest retailers, Splashforce is the only bot you'll need. With 5 years in the industry, we've got the power to help you secure countless limited items, with ease.

Compatible with macOS & Windows

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Unlimited tasks

Unlimited tasks

We've built Splashforce to be able to handle an extortionate amount of tasks. With our backend written in GO, even the most intensive setups are effortlessly handled.

Restock monitoring

Restock monitoring

Missed the drop? Splashforce can monitor for any restocks after the initial drop. With restocks being completely customisable, you'll always cop exactly what you want.

24/7 support

24/7 support

Our customers can access free support, whenever they want. We offer help to our customers all across the globe, via the help center and Splashforce Discord server.


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The home page. View and manage all your created tasks.

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Create tasks

Create tasks with ease. Enter the advanced task creator to truly optimize your setup how you like.

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A true user-friendly experience. Create proxy lists with ease, and test inidividual or mass proxies across all sites.

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Supported by Splashforce


When purchasing a renewal Splashforce license, you will be granted 6 months of use before having to pay a renewal fee.


$300 / one time


$60 renewal fee every 6 months

Frequently asked questions

What sites does Splashforce support?

Create tasks with ease. Enter the advanced task creator to truly optimizie your setup how you like.

When does Splashforce restock?

We're never sure ourselves, but your best chance of knowing would come from following our Twitter @splashforcebot and Instagram @splashforceio.

Does Splashforce participate in groupbuys?

Splashforce does not participate in any groupbuys or private sales.

How can I get help or support?

Help can be provided via the help center or Splashforce Discord server.


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